Archie Chihuahua

Archie Chihuahua has enjoyed a big life, despite his somewhat diminutive size. For Archie somehow always knew that his life would be full of surprises, so many surprises and twists and turns that it would probably be enough to make his mother’s hair curl.

Oddly enough Archie’s mother already had masses of curls as anyone who knows anything about Puli’s can attest. Archie’s mother was Hungarian and, as oddity may have it, she raised and tended Mangalica pigs, those wonderful hirsute creatures who prefer the company of people and their indoor comforts than their own pens and porcine kinfolk.

Some would say that because of such a confusing upbringing that Archie didn’t stand a chance, yet surprisingly he did, for he is a master of the mimic, a great observer of the world about him, and more importantly he has the rhythm. A drumlike rumble that vibrates through every fibre of his body and his soul.  Archie hears things that most of us miss and although distracting at times has taken him all over the globe in search of the perfect pulse.

Yet it is at home that Archie really enjoys his time the most, where his somewhat reserved sister Shalita fully understands his tom tom obsession, for she too revels in the rhythm and bongos are her joy.

Unfortunately, or most fortunately for Archie and Shalita it was their neighbours who found fault with their pulsating passions. So much so that one of them called the noise police who after an elongated consultation suggested that she join forces with Archie and Shalita for she loved to play the sax. 

And so began the marvellous and enduring career of Los Globos one of Mexico's most popular trios of all time.



Archie is an original sculpture by Susan Bowers created from many layers of vintage and antique textiles over clay and wire. Click here to see Archie in all his glory.